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National Debt

The federal government needs to function like hard working Hoosier families and live within its means. Without question, Washington, D.C. is continuing down an unsustainable path of spending, taxing, and borrowing too much to pay for this spending habit. This debt will ultimately fall on the backs of our children and grandchildren in the form of higher interest rates, fewer opportunities, and a lower standard of living.

During President Obama’s first term in office, our national debt went from $10.6 trillion to almost $17 trillion, adding over$1 trillion each year. While both sides of the aisle are to blame for this reckless spending culture, I came to Washington D.C. with a commitment to getting our fiscal house in order. We must implement meaningful reforms to reduce wasteful spending on duplicative programs in order to reverse this unsustainable path. This change will not happen overnight but during my first term in office, it is evident we changed the spending debate from how much to spend to how much to cut.