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The 8th District of Indiana is rich in its supplies of natural resources. All of   Indiana’s coal mines are located within the District as well as the majority of Indiana’s oil wells, an oil refinery, and an abundance of natural gas wells. I think it is important to responsibly manage these resources, which is why I joined both the Congressional Coal Caucus and the Congressional Natural Gas Caucus. The EPA and Obama administration are over-reaching with regulations that do not have the backing of scientific fact. Specifically, onerous CO2 emission regulation which would triple the cost of electricity in Indiana, cost thousands of jobs, and make our businesses less competitive with foreign competitors.

Our energy portfolio needs to be an “all of the above” approach to support economic growth and prosperity. We need to use our domestic resources, including drilling in environmentally responsible ways both on shore and off and using coal, natural gas and other domestic supplies in the most efficient way. We also need to support alternative energies such as nuclear, wind, hydropower and ethanol and include significant conservation programs as well.