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President's Salary SUBMIT Act

H.R. 1082, the “President’s Salary Suspended Unless Budget Measure Is On Time (SUBMIT) Act,”  places the President’s pay in escrow if he fails to meet the statutory deadline to submit his budget until the day the budget is submitted. 

The Budget and Accounting Act of 1921 requires the President to submit an annual budget on the first Monday in February. The President missed his deadline for FY 2014 on Monday, February 4th

President Obama has missed his budget deadline, required by law, four out of the five years he has been in office and is the first President to do so two consecutive years since 1923 and holds the latest budget submission at 98 days.

American families and small businesses have to budget their resources and they deserve a budget on time from their President.  The President should be held to the same st​andard as the American people and Congress and this bill sends that message.

Full Text of H.R. 1082:

113th Congress


H. R. 1082

To provide that compensation of the President shall be held in escrow upon failure to submit his budget in a timely manner.

1          Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa-

2 tives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


4          This Act may be cited as the ‘‘President’s Salary Sus-

5 pended Unless Budget Measure Is On Time Act’’ or the

6 ‘‘President’s Salary SUBMIT Act’’.


2                                  ESCROW UPON FAILURE TO SUBMIT HIS        

3                                  BUDGET IN A TIMELY MANNER.


5                      (1) IN GENERAL.—Except as provided in sub

6          section (b), if by the first Monday in February of a

7          year, the President has not submitted his budget for

8          the succeeding fiscal year pursuant to section 300 of

9          the Congressional Budget Act of 1974, the payroll

10        administrator shall deposit in an escrow account all

11        payments otherwise required to be made during the

12        period described in paragraph (2) for the compensa-

13        tion of the President, and shall release such pay-

14        ments to the President only upon the expiration of

15        such period.

16                    (2) PERIOD DESCRIBED.—With respect to a

17        budget due by the first Monday in February of a

18        year, the period described in this paragraph is the

19        period which begins on the day after such first Mon-

20        day, and ends on the earlier of—

21                                (A) the day on which the President sub-

22                    mits the budget which was so due; or

23                                (B) the last day of the term of office of the

24                    President in which such first Monday occurs.

25                    (3) WITHHOLDING AND REMITTANCE OF


1          payroll administrator shall provide for the same

2          withholding and remittance with respect to a pay-

3          ment deposited in an escrow account under para-

4          graph (1) that would apply to the payment if the

5          payment were not subject to paragraph (1).

6                      (4) ROLE OF SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY.—

7          The Secretary of the Treasury shall provide the pay

8          roll administrator with such assistance as may be

9          necessary to enable the payroll administrator to

10        carry out this section.

11        (b) EXCEPTIONS.—Subsection (a)(1) shall not apply

12 in the case of a budget which, pursuant to section 300

13 of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974, is required to

14 be submitted by the President within 30 days after—

15                    (1) the commencement date of the term for

16        which the President is elected; or

17                    (2) the date as of which a successor fills a va-

18        cancy in the office of the President which resulted

19        from—

20                                (A) the removal of the President from of-

21                    fice; or

22                                (B) his death, resignation, or inability to

23                    discharge the powers and duties of the office of

24                    President.

25        (c) DEFINITIONS.—In this section—

1                      (1) the term ‘‘compensation’’, as used with re-

2          spect to the President, means the compensation re-

3          ceived by the President under section 102 of title 3,

4          United States Code; and

5                      (2) the term ‘‘payroll administrator’’ means the

6          administrator responsible for the disbursement of

7          the compensation of the President.