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Bucshon Statement on President Biden’s Federal Vaccine Mandate

WASHINGTON – Congressman Larry Bucshon, M.D. (R-Ind.) released the following statement on President Biden’s recent announcement forcing all employers with more than 100 workers to receive a COVID-19 vaccine or receive a weekly test.

“Yesterday’s decision by President Biden to mandate vaccinations for roughly 100 million Americans is an overreach of federal power and undermines confidence in the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines. At a time when President Biden should be facilitating vaccine confidence, it is disheartening to see him impose sweeping federal mandates that undermine confidence in this lifesaving vaccine. Health matters have generally been directed by the states. Not only does this federal mandate further politicize the vaccine, this directive is un-American and should be challenged in the court of law. I encourage all Americans to get vaccinated, however, I firmly believe this medical decision should be made between a patient and their doctor, not as the result of a federal mandate,” said Dr. Bucshon.