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Bucshon Votes Against House Democrats’ “Abortion on Demand Until Birth Act”


WASHINGTON – Congressman Larry Bucshon, M.D. (R-Ind.-08) released the following statement on H.R. 3755, the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021 after voting against the legislation today on the House Floor. This partisan bill was passed by House Democrats on a party-line vote of 218-211. 


“This legislation, which should be called the ‘Abortion on Demand Until Birth Act’, is extremely harmful to the wellbeing of women and unborn children across the nation. As a practicing heart surgeon for 15 years prior to coming to Congress, I operated on children as young as 23 weeks gestation.  In fact, the smallest baby I operated on weighed only 650 grams. I spent my career in medicine caring for patients regardless of their situations, so I take access to health care very seriously.  


“I find it troubling that those on the other side, most of whom have never spent a day caring for patients, continue to mislead the American people about what constitutes health care. I am proud that states like Indiana have taken the initiative to protect the right to life. I encourage House Democrats to take up their example, stop doing the bidding of the pro-abortion lobby, stop passing harmful legislation like H.R. 3755, and stand up for every Hoosier’s inherent and Constitutional right to live,” said Congressman Bucshon.


Congressman Bucshon spoke in opposition to the Abortion on Demand Until Birth Act and the death it will bring on the House Floor during debate today. Video of that speech can be found here.

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Provisions of the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021 that are particularly egregious include:

  • Effectively codifying Roe v. Wade to make it so abortions are able to be performed for any reason up until birth.
  • Repealing restrictions on prescribing and dispensing dangerous chemical abortion drugs that can lead to serious health complications or even death in many women. 
  • Allowing abortions to take place because the child is not the desired sex of the parent or if they have received a diagnosis of a disability, such as Downs-Syndrome. 
  • Forbidding healthcare workers from claiming Religious Freedom Restoration Act defenses to the law, making it so healthcare workers have to perform operations they morally oppose.
  • Repealing state and local laws require informed consent, ultrasounds, or additional testing and counseling before an elective abortion can be performed.  This bill would repeal a number of Indiana State laws pertaining to performing abortions such as Ind. Code § 16-34-2-1.16 that requires informed consent, or Ind. Code § 16-34-2-4 that requires the consent of a parent or legal guardian for minors seeking abortions.


BACKGROUND: Congressman Bucshon has a 100% rating with the National Right to Life Committee for his voting record of supporting pro-life initiatives and opposing pro-abortion pieces of legislation like H.R. 3755.