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#IN08 Social Roundup (9/10/2016 - 9/16/2016)

In case you missed it, here is what happened week…

Helping Young Hoosiers Fight Opioid Abuse

Opioid abuse disorder is an epidemic impacting all of our communities. Tragically, many of the Hoosiers hurt by opioid abuse and in need of the most help are adolescents and young adults. That is why Congressman Bucshon introduced the YOUTH Act last week to help.

Recognizing the Southwest Indiana Chamber 

Congressman Bucshon took to the House floor this week to honor the Southwest Indiana Chamber on being named the national “Chamber of the Year” for 2016. 

Holding the VA Accountable

Early in his career, Congressman Bucshon cared for patients in the Milwaukee VA. During his time working for the VA, Congressman Bucshon saw firsthand the struggles veterans had getting care within the VA system. Congressman Bucshon helped pass a number of bills this week designed to fight this crisis, getting veterans the treatment and care they deserve. 

Keeping Terrorists in Guantanamo Bay

President Obama has repeatedly stated that he wants to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, and has even released dangerous individuals with terrorist ties without Congressional approval. H.R. 5351 would prevent prisoner transfers from Guantanamo Bay to prisons inside the U.S. like the Federal Corrections Institution in Terre Haute, or to foreign countries where they can commit more terrorist acts. 

Lowering Middle Class Taxes

Obamacare has raised taxes on middle class and senior Hoosiers by increasing the threshold to deduct medical expenses on taxes from 7.5% to 10% of their adjusted gross income. Congress passed H.R. 3590 which would help Hoosiers keep more money in their pocket by lowering the threshold back down to 7.5%, cutting medical costs.

Promising Young Hoosiers

It is great seeing young Hoosiers take an interest in robotics and other sciences. It is important for Hoosier students to continue studying in the sciences as they drive innovation for the future and provide well-paying jobs. 

Meeting Hoosiers in D.C.

Congressman Bucshon met with many different constituent groups in Washington D.C. this week to discuss the issues they face and important legislative issues for the state of Indiana. If you are going to be in Washington D.C., call Congressman Bucshon’s office at 202-225-4636 to schedule a meeting. 

NFIB award 

The National Federation of Independent Businesses represents 325,000 business owners across the country.  The organization recognized Congressman Bucshon with a major award this week  for his work in Congress to help small businesses succeed.

This speaker is from Facebook! 

As you’ve probably seen over the past two weeks, Congressman Bucshon’s second annual Student Leadership Summit is coming up on October 4th. This week, we highlighted a second speaker for the event: Facebook’s Head of Global Safety, Antigone Davis. 

Bringing Home Our Heroes 

On Friday, the nation collectively remembered the brave men and women who served this country, but never returned. 

Service Academy Day

Every year, young men and women across the country apply to attend the various United States Service Academies. Congressman Bucshon has the distinct opportunity to appoint Hoosiers to the academies where they will learn to help lead our military. Prior to nominations, the Congressman hosts informational sessions for students interested in applying.  The sessions include presentations from representatives of each service academy.