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Dr. Bucshon Votes Against Speaker Pelosi’s Manufactured Crisis

(Washington, D.C.) – 
Congressman Larry Bucshon, M.D. (IN-08) released the following statement after voting against legislation to solve Speaker Pelosi’s latest manufactured crisis:

“For over a decade, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has been in the red year after year. They have borrowed billions from taxpayers and still operate at a huge deficit. The solution to the USPS’ problems cannot simply be solved by spending more taxpayer money - the USPS must be reformed or else we will have to continue bailing out the postal service time and time again in the future. 

“Despite the USPS’ longstanding operational and financial issues, they are capable of delivering mail in ballots this election season – they handle more than 400 million pieces of mail daily. This “crisis” is completed manufactured by Congressional Democrats and their friends in the media to scare the American people this election season into believing their vote will not be counted. It is shameful that Speaker Pelosi and Congressional Democrats are pushing misinformation about the USPS, as these crazy theories are undermining our democracy and causing Americans to doubt the legitimacy of our electoral process. As Americans, we have the right to free, fair, and frequent elections and we have the right to be heard through our vote. I want to assure Hoosiers and Americans alike your vote will be counted this fall and the mail will not stop.”