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The education of our children ranks as a top priority for the United States.  As a former member of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, I am committed to ensuring that education policies have our children’s best interests at heart.  Local communities, parents, teachers, and administrators, working together, must be given the control and flexibility to make the right decisions for their schools. Parents must be given the option to decide what education path is right for their children.  Teachers must be evaluated on their effectiveness at reaching our children, and given the resources to succeed in their classrooms.  Since taking office, I have consistently co-sponsored and voted for legislation that positively impacts our rural school districts, and will continue to look for alternative ways to combat the current trend of soaring tuition rates for higher education.

The federal government must end the practice of trying to fix our education system by simply throwing money at the problem, and instead allow for innovation and experimentation within our education system.   I will continue to work to revamp No Child Left Behind to free up local communities and states from federal regulations that do not improve educational outcomes.