Dr. Bucshon Votes Against an Unprecedented Power Grab by House Democrats

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Washington, June 11, 2019 | comments

(Washington, D.C.) – Congressman Larry Bucshon, M.D. (IN-08) released the following statement after voting against the President Harassment Resolution, (H. Res. 430) an attempt by House Democrats to use legally untested authority to circumvent normal order and sue without exercising all existing options to acquire desired information:

“House Democrats are completely neglecting their oath of office – refusing to legislate on behalf of the American people – and are now voting to give themselves unprecedented authority to circumvent the entire House of Representatives. While the House is a majority-driven institution, regular order is designed to ensure that that the minority can be heard and respected. The President Harassment Resolution is designed to deliberately circumvent regular order to shut out and silence the minority and remove any sort of check on the ability of House Democrats to sue the Administration.

“The complete obsession by House Democrats to impeach President Trump – which this resolution is solely designed to help enable – above any other priority is self-serving, politically motivated, and unbecoming of their duties to their constituents.”



·       This resolution allows the House Judiciary Committee to pursue a civil lawsuit to enforce subpoenas issued to Attorney General Barr and former White House Counsel Donald McGahn and petitions for disclosure of grand jury information that is protected under federal law.

·       H.Res. 430 also allows House Committees other than Judiciary to initiate civil proceedings in federal court as long as it is approved by the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group – a group of 5 lawmakers, 3 leaders from the Majority and 2 leaders from the Minority.  This is historically unprecedented.

·       It is important to note that President Trump asserted executive privilege with regard to releasing the full report, which would put Attorney General Barr in direct violation of the law if he chose to do so.

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