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Growing up in a rural town of 1400 people in the Midwest, I know how important the agriculture industry is to the state of Indiana. Indiana ranks 5th in corn production, 5th in soybean production, 2nd in tomatoes for processing production and has the 3rd most hogs in the US. I have visited Hoosier farms and spoken with numerous farmers about their need for certainty and a long-term reauthorization of farm policy.  I'm proud to have worked across the aisle to pass a Farm Bill that ensures stability in our agriculture community and provides certainty for Hoosier farmers. 

My strong voting record has earned me the American Farm Bureau Federation Board of Directors “Friend of Farm Bureau” award that is given to members of Congress who have taken leadership roles on Farm Bureau priority issues. I have voted for numerous legislative measures that reduce regulatory burdens plaguing farmers and also to provide disaster relief for Hoosier farmers during the 2012 drought, one of the worst droughts we’ve experienced in decades.

I remain in contact with my agriculture advisory committee, which consists of 18 Hoosiers from various sectors of the agriculture community, including many farmers from the farm bureau.

This group offers suggestions and feedback on the impact of legislation and federal regulations on the farming and agriculture industry. This information is invaluable to me as I consider upcoming legislation in Congress and continue my work in the District.